Used Cars for Sale in Stone Mountain (GA)

Planning to purchase a pre-owned car in Stone Mountain? We make it easy to compare prices on used cars for sale where you live–essential if you want the best car at the cheapest price. If you have a question about a vehicle, you can contact the dealer directly through the web form provided. Not seeing the vehicle you hoped? Just get in touch with a dealer in your area and let them know exactly what vehicle you have in mind. It may take them less time than you think to find the vehicle you want.

The amount you should dedicate to your next vehicle depends on your income. Generally, you should spend around a third of your annual salary on a used vehicle. As an example, the average income in Stone Mountain is $41,453, which would be a car costing $12,436 at most. While 30% or less is ideal, a lot of people spend closer to 50%–$20,727, in this case. Have a look at this table, based on this $41,453 income.

% of Income Price Paid Verdict
10% $4,145 Best
30% $12,436 Smart
50% $20,727 Okay
75% $31,090 Poor
100% $41,453 Dangerous

Cheap Cars for Sale in Stone Mountain (GA)

Searching for a dependable car that’s cheap? In the wake of the economic downturn, Americans aren’t spending as much on their cars, and we can find you a reliable used car for less than the down payment on a new one. Japanese automakers like Nissan and Honda are known for their reliability, though domestic car-makers have been rivaling them of late.

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