Used Cars for Sale in Savannah (GA)

Have you found the right vehicle yet? We’re here to help! At Georgia Auto Finance, we allow you to find the car you need at a price you can afford. When you find a car you’re keen on, you can contact the dealer with any questions and get the ball rolling. These vehicles can be found today at dealerships in your area, and in most cases they can be bought through cash or financing.

How Much to Spend on a Used Vehicle in Savannah

In order to keep your finances in good shape, make sure you spend the right amount for your next car. Here’s a common guideline: spend around 30% of your annual income on a car. Let’s pretend you make $21,702 per year, the Savannah average–this would be a $6,511 car. This may not sound like a lot. Too little? You can raise it to 50% of income–$10,851–but commiting more than this isn’t the best idea.

% of Income Vehicle Price Verdict
20% $4,340 Great
30% $6,511 Smart
50% $10,851 Okay
75% $16,277 Bad
100% $21,702 Unsafe

Cheap Cars in Savannah, GA

Would you like to buy a car in Savannah on the cheap? Stock varies daily, even hourly, but we’ve usually got a good selection of cars costing $10,000 or less, and in many cases cars under $5000 are even available. Japanese automakers like Toyota and Mazda are recognized for their durability, though domestic cars are now nearly as strong.

Zipcode Make Model Minimum Price Maximum Price Condition
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