Used Cars for Sale in Roswell (GA)

Still looking for the right used car? At Georgia Auto Finance, we allow you to see what cars are available from dealers in your area. Track down the car you want, then reach out to the dealer to get the process started. Haven’t found the vehicle you want? Just contact one of the dealers below and explain what kind of vehicle you’re hoping to find. That way they can keep an eye out for the vehicle you want.

Used Vehicle Budgeting for Roswell Consumers

Have you determined how much you should devote to a used car? Here is a great rule: spend roughly one-third of your annual income on a used vehicle. As an example, Roswell consumers make $52,735 per year, which would equate to a $15,821 car. If you’re financing, you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of your monthly income on your car payment and opt for the shortest term possible. Given an income of $4,395 a month, this would be a payment of $440, at maximum. If you have damaged credit, visit here.

Cheap Cars for Sale in Roswell, GA

A lot of folks in Roswell are looking to buy a relatively cheap car–an intelligent path to take. Ordinarily, we think of cars priced under $10,000 as cheap, or under $5000. No matter your definition, we can typically find you the car to suit your budget. For the most part, lenders can’t fund loans under $7500, so so financing is probably not available.

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