Used Cars for Sale in Rome (GA)

At Georgia Auto Finance, we allow you to sift through a vast assortment of cars available on dealer lots in Rome and beyond. Search for the car you want, then reach out to the dealer with any questions or comments you have. You may want to ask them if financing is an option, if you’re hoping to finance this purchase.

Budgeting for a Used Car in Rome

Are you wondering how much you should dedicate to a used car? Ideally, it’s best to spend around a third of your annual salary on a used vehicle. If you’re earning $11,264 annually, the average in Rome–this would be a $3,379 car. This may seem low. You can raise it to 50% of income–$5,632–but spending more than this isn’t recommended. Have a look at this table, based on this $11,264 income.

% of Income Vehicle Price Assessment
20% $2,253 Great
30% $3,379 Good
50% $5,632 Fair
75% $8,448 Too Much
100% $11,264 Perilous

Cheap Cars for Sale in Rome (GA)

Are you wanting to buy a used car without spending too much money? How much are you looking to spend? We update our listings continually, and we typically have a wide range of cars priced at $10,000 or less, and typically you’ll find that a handful of cars under $5000 are even available. Before you buy a high-mileage vehicle, you might want to have it looked over by a repair shop to make sure you don’t run into any issues down the line.

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