Tesla Is Pushing For Change in Georgia

Tesla Direct Sales in GeorgiaSome people now believe there has been a campaign to brainwash consumers into thinking that petroleum-fueled transportation is our only option for centuries. While this is a little outlandish, Tesla is a company that is breaking out of these bounds by bringing to life its line of clean electric cars and a new business model. It’s the only such model that has made sense so far, and especially in light of the ever-changing awareness through the internet that is shaping the way consumers buy things, it may just be the way of the future.

Instead of following the laws that say a car manufacturer is not allowed to sell more than 150 cars directly to consumers a year, Tesla has pushed the legal limits to be able to see its product directly to buyers instead of the seemingly absurd rule of a “dealer” being the only legal way for a car company to sell its cars. Dealer associations across the US have been fighting the company’s direct sales model, and Georgia is just the latest locale where dealer ire has been raised. The Georgia Dealers Association has filed a complaint with the state’s Department of Revenue claiming that the company sold 173 cars–23 more than the cap. The laws supporting this old and archaic format are only in place because of the large financial interests behind them campaigning and lobbying politicians to make them pass. Tesla has shown, in a statement to the public, and through their actions, that they are here to stay and the dealers aren’t happy about it one bit.

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