Georgia the Most Expensive State To Own a Car?

Which is the state that you do not want to be living and owning a car? 
That would be the state of Georgia. Not only is this state in the the top five most expensive places to own a car, but if you don’t own one your only making it harder on yourself because this state also lacks public transportation, which would help people get around to where they need to go without using there cars. 

Even if your just driving by Georgia, you will find that gas to fuel your car in Georgia will be above well average prices, which is one on the reasons why it’s so expensive to own a car in addition to the taxes, fees and insurance. 
To own a car in Georgia it will coast you about $4,233 annually, which is about $1,000 more than the national average, according to Bankrate.

The other four states on the top five for auto expenses are:

  • California—$3,966 
  • Wyoming—$3,938 
  • Rhode Island—$3,913 
  • Nevada—$3,886

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