Tank Town USA Doing a Crushing Business

Ready for a good time, a real good time? Then head on down south to Morganton, Georgia for a raucous day of driving tanks. Morganton, a hamlet in the northern reaches of the Peach State, is home to Tank Town USA, an amusement park of sorts where everyday folks can drive British FV-432 Armored Personnel Carriers around five acres of fine Georgian soil.

Opened in April of this year, Tank Town USA is the culmination of the long-held dream of Todd Liebross who has been collecting old military vehicles for decades.

So far, reviews for Tank Town USA are thumbs up. “I have to say it was an absolute hoot,” said Lori Lockman who had been given a day at Tank Town USA by her husband for her 50th birthday. “Car crushing was the best part. It was bit scary at first to roll over it. But the crunchy sound it makes—and that back windshield blowing out-were incredible. I also loved the fact that I was able to keep my hat on the whole time—just like the Queen would have done.”

Nissan Promises Self-Driving Car By 2020

With over 40,000 deaths and $160 billion in damages happening in traffic accidents in the United States every year, the promise of a self-driven car which can prevent most of these accidents seems to be too good to be true. However, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has pledged that the automaker will have fully autonomous cars on the market by the year 2020. Google has been a pioneer in this field, and a few luxury auto companies including Mercedes, Lincoln and Infinity now offer cars with some self-driving features. These capabilities use radar, GPS and software systems, yet all previous work in this field has relied on some external links. To date none of the cars on the market offer a completely autonomous driving experience. In order to investigate how the software, laser scanners, radar scanners, cameras and other technology needed will function in real-life situations Nissan will open a special test track for fully self-driving cars located in Japan in 2014. Ghosn promises Nissan will offer the fully autonomous driving capability on all of its models by 2020.

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