How Would You Like to Own a Super Economical Micro Car?

There are many car collectors all over the world, but there is one particular car collection that has people everywhere talking. In Madison, Georgia, one collector has the biggest collection of the smallest cars. These are the super economical, European micro-cars. Unfortunately, you can no longer travel to see this amazing collection, as the doors have closed for good. However, for the right price, you now have the opportunity to own one of these amazing vehicles, as this large collection is scheduled to be auctioned off.

Georgia Changes Point of Auto Tax Payment

Georgia is making changes to tax laws relating to new car purchases. There is a restructure of new purchase taxes that keep the same tax rate but change the date and point of payment. Plus, there is an addition of a private sales tax to meet Blue book value as opposed to actual sale price. Basically, this means a tax increase on auto sales in Georgia.

Georgia is 7th Ranked State in Auto Insurance Fraud

A new study just released from National Insurance Crime Bureau shows that the state of Georgia is now seventh in the United States for false and questionable auto insurance claims. In the past four years there has been 422 insurance fraud claims. The customer is liable and has to pay their premium insurance. When fraud is involved these premiums go up and everybody must pay higher rates.
The study shows that 10 to 15 percent of all premiums go toward paying for these fraudulent claims