Auto Loans in Statesboro (GA)

We know that financing a car can be a headache. That’s why we developed our application placement platform. The benefits of our platform are numerous:

  • Submit an application just once, and have it evaluated by multiple lending companies
  • Instantaneous approval for most loan-seekers
  • Subprime, zero credit seldom an issue

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Apply for your Statesboro car loan through our website.
  2. Log in to your inbox for your approval status.
  3. When approved, work with your lender or dealer to complete your paperwork.
  4. Lastly, buy your vehicle from a dealer in the area.

Sounds simple, right? It truly is! To begin, just submit your finance application.

Statesboro Bad Credit Car Dealers

A bad credit score is often a hurdle when trying to finance a new vehicle, but not with us. There are six main credit tiers in the auto finance industry, and we have companies that support each of them. Most loan providers require borrowers with below-average credit to earn a minimum of $1500 per month; however, most of our clients are approved nearly instantly. You’ll be matched with a bad credit dealership or subprime auto lender. Typically, they submit payment information to the credit bureaus. This is imperative when you need to restore your credit. It’s easy. Just apply online, and we’ll get to work finding you a bad credit car loan in Statesboro that will get you behind the wheel.

How Much Do I Qualify to Finance?

Estimating how much you can borrow is pretty easy. What you need to do is multiply your monthly income by the income factor that corresponds to the state of your credit. We’ve included such an estimation, based on the average income of Statesboro residents, $1,284.

Credit Rating Income Factor Loan Amount
Great Credit 10 $12,840
Decent Credit 9 $11,556
Slow Credit 8 $10,272
Poor Credit 7 $8,988
Really Bad Credit 6 $7,704

To work out your own loan amount, multiply your pre-tax monthly income by the applicable income factor.

No Money Down Auto Loans in Statesboro?

We do have lenders in our network who don’t require consumers to offer a down payment. However, providing a down payment is a good idea for a number of reasons: it decreases your monthly payment, interest paid, and problems with negative equity. An excellent down payment would be 20% for a new vehicle, and 10% for a pre-owned one. With that said, today’s lenders and dealers realize that down payments tend to be tricky these days. Submit your application, and leave the down payment field empty. We’ll work tirelessly to place your application with a dealer or lender willing to finance your purchase, zero down payment necessary.

No Credit Check Car Lots in Statesboro

Buy here pay here auto sales in Statesboro now represent a large percentage of market, as a result of the downturn. Consumers who cannot secure a loan due to major credit problems like bankruptcy often find themselves at these types of dealerships. They work with people with problems like open bankruptcy or repossession in the last year. It’s usually best to avoid buy here pay here dealers in favor of a bad credit car loan we help you arrange. Apply today – there is absolutely no fee or commitment.

Budgeting for a Car in Statesboro

The average income in Statesboro is $1,284 per month, and it’s advisable to spend 8% of your monthly income paying off your loan each month–$103. Let’s see what your budget would be, at different rates of interest.

Good Credit Fair Credit Bad Credit
Income Per Month $1,284 $1,284 $1,284
Monthly Payment $103 $103 $103
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Down Payment $1,412 $1,297 $1,181
Total Interest $517 $976 $1,439
Total Paid $7,575 $7,460 $7,344
Car Price $7,058 $6,484 $5,906