Auto Loans in Savannah (GA)

Need to get approved for financing, the sooner the better? You’ve come to the right place. More and more lenders and dealers now have entire departments specializing in web-based applications, and we can help you arrange your Savannah car loan right from your computer. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Take a few minutes to submit your loan application.
  2. Check your email for your approval status.
  3. Consult your lender about your APR and conditions.
  4. Send over any remaining paperwork.
  5. Go purchase your vehicle from a dealer in the area.

Truly, there’s no easier way to get financed in The Hostess City!

auto loan Savannah

Do You Need a Down Payment?

bad credit car loan SavannahPlenty of our dealers fund loans for people who don’t have a down payment. However, providing a down payment is a smart choice for a number of reasons: it lowers your monthly payment, interest, and problems with being upside down. An ideal down payment is 20% for a new vehicle, and 10% for a used one. Even so, this era’s lenders and dealers understand that down payments take a lot more time and effort in this economy. We get people financed everyday, despite issues with their credit and down payment. Apply now!

What About Bad Credit Car Loans in Savannah?

Low credit score? Not to worry. We enable you to apply online and get pre-approved for financing, even if your credit history is problematic. Many major dealerships now have entire sales teams dedicated to subprime auto lending, often called “bad credit car dealerships.” At one of these dealers, you’ll work with a finance specialist to mete out the specifics of your finance agreement, and then you’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of new and used vehicle. Naturally, we have tons of such dealers in our network. Let us find you a lender or dealership in Savannah that finances bad credit.  Apply now!

Savannah Buy Here Pay Here Financing

In House financing is otherwise known as:

  • We Finance
  • Rent to Own
  • We Tote The Note
  • Your Job is Your Credit

These dealers finance people who cannot get approved by a traditional lender due to bad credit. Everything is paid to the dealer directly, and the vehicles are usually less than $10,000.

Savannah-Specific Credit, Income Numbers

Savannah, as you may know, is one of the largest ports in the country, and it’s also home to such big employers as International Paper, Gulfstream, and JCB construction equipment. Of course, tourism is another huge revenue-generator for the city, and SCAD has revitalized much of the city through urban renewal projects, drawing great creative talent to the area. Given this strongly-anchored economy, the city’s per capita income is higher than other cities in the region. Here are some average statistics for Savannah residents.

  • Average Income: $1,809 Per Month
  • Average Car Payment: $199 (11% of Income)
  • Recommended Car Payment: $145 to $181 (8%-10% of Income)

Next we have broken down Savannah’s population by FICO rating. These are just estimates, but they should give you an idea of where you stand in relation to other consumers in your area.

FICO Score % of Population Residents
300-499 2% 4,373
500-549 5% 10,933
550-599 8% 17,493
600-649 12% 26,239
650-699 15% 32,799
700-749 18% 39,359
750-799 27% 59,038
800-850 13% 28,426

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