Auto Loans in Lilburn (GA)

At Georgia Auto Finance, we get our clients approved for financing with no fees, hassles, or obligations. Our application placement platform makes it easy to get approved. Just apply online, and we’ll work to get you the auto loan you need.

Lilburn Bad Credit Car Dealerships

Subprime credit can be a roadblock to financing, but not at Georgia Auto Finance. We work with people from every end of the credit spectrum. No matter which tier you fall into, there are lenders who want to finance your loan. Of course, low credit scores mean more costly rates of interest, but that’s unavoidable. Let us find you a dealer in Lilburn who can work with your credit – online!

How Much Do I Qualify to Borrow?

Estimating how much you can borrow is pretty easy. Just multiply your monthly income by the income factor associated with the state of your credit. We’ve included a sample, based on Lilburn’s average per capita income: $2,952.

Credit Income Factor Loan
Excellent Credit 10 $29,520
Average Credit 9 $26,568
Slow Credit 8 $23,616
Poor Credit 7 $20,664
Horrible Credit 6 $17,712

Simply because you can borrow such an amount, doesn’t mean you should. A smaller loan is a good idea, because it will result in less financial stress.

Do I Need a Down Payment?

We do work with lenders who offer financing with zero down payment, even for people with bad credit. Having said that, providing a down payment affords you important advantages:

  • Reduces the length of the loan, meaning less is paid in interest.
  • Reduces monthly repayment.
  • Reduces negative equity.

Even so, you no longer need a down payment to apply.

Auto Financing for People with No Credit in Lilburn

Minimal credit is regarded by some financial institutions as nearly as much of a concern as bad credit. Thankfully, many dealerships tend to be more focused on whether you can pay, meaning your income. If you can show a weekly income of $375, then you can probably get approved, albeit with an expensive interest rate. Otherwise, you can ask someone to cosign your auto loan.

No Credit Check Car Lots in Lilburn

Buy here pay here car lots in Lilburn have increased in popularity, as a result of the economic slowdown. Shoppers who cannot secure financing due to seriously bad credit often end up at these types of car lots. They approve people with problems like bankruptcy or repossession on their records. Lamentably, most in house financing car lots cannot help customers improve their credit. In most cases, it’s better to apply online through our website, so we can find you a car loan in Lilburn that can help you rebuild your credit.

Auto Loans at $236 Per Month

Let’s suppose you’re making $2,952 monthly–the average in Lilburn–and spend 8% of this on a car payment. Below is how much car you could purchase, at different interest rates.

Exceptional Credit Decent Credit Poor Credit
Income Per Month $2,952 $2,952 $2,952
Payment Amount $236 $236 $236
Loan Rate 3.50% 7.00% 11.00%
Money Down $3,245 $2,982 $2,715
Interest Paid $1,188 $2,243 $3,308
Total with Interest $17,415 $17,151 $16,885
Vehicle Price $16,227 $14,908 $13,577