Auto Loans in Fayetteville (GA)

Here at Georgia Auto Finance, we get our clients approved for financing with no fees, hassles, or obligations. The benefits of our system are numerous:

  • Submit one application, and have it evaluated by multiple dealers
  • Real-time acceptance for most candidates
  • Bad or no credit seldomly a major issue

Just apply online, and we’ll begin working to get you approved from a lender or dealer who suits your needs.

Credit score of 620 or less? That’s often regarded as subprime or bad credit, but our service is ideally-suited to applicants with low credit scores. There are three different credit tiers usually regarded as subprime:

  • Tier 3/C: 580-660
  • Tier 4/D: 520-580
  • Tier 5/F: 250-520

Whatever your score, there are lenders who want to give you a second chance at financing. Generally, finance companies do require people with below-average credit to provide a down payment, but most people who apply through us receive their approval the same day they apply. Plus, repaying an auto loan can help boost your credit rating. So let us find you a lender or dealer that funds car loans for people in Fayetteville with credit problems – today! It’s easy. Go here to submit your application online.

It’s easy to estimate the amount you can borrow. Simply multiply your monthly income by the income factor associated with the state of your credit. We’ve included a sample, based on the average income of Fayetteville residents, $3,859.

Credit History Income Factor Loan
Excellent Credit 10 $38,590
Decent Credit 9 $34,731
Temporary Bad Credit 8 $30,872
Poor Credit 7 $27,013
Very Bad Credit 6 $23,154

To see your own loan amount, multiply how much money you make each month by the corresponding income factor.

Buyers with good credit can typically get an auto loan with no money down. However, it’s a bit more complicated for people with bad credit. The reason is simple: lending to customers with less-than-perfect credit is a much riskier process, and a down payment makes certain that some percentage of the vehicle’s value is not in jeopardy. The good news is, as the auto sector recovers, more and more dealers and lenders will be approving car loans in Fayetteville with zero down.

Just indicate your down payment amount when you submit your application, and our platform can often find you a lender or dealer who wants to get you in the driver’s seat, regardless of whether you can put money down or not.

In-House Financing in Fayetteville?

Buy here pay here dealers in Fayetteville have become the last resort for many consumers, mainly because of the economic crisis. These dealers make credit decisions on site, instead of outsourcing this to third-party finance companies. Payments are made to the dealer directly, and the vehicles are typically less than $10,000. However, most of these dealerships don’t help buyers re-establish their credit. More often than not, you would be more satisfied applying online, so we can find you an auto loan in Fayetteville that can help you re-establish your credit.

Fayetteville-Specific Income, Credit Statistics

Listed below are some average statistics for residents of Fayetteville.

  • Pre-Tax Earnings: $3,859 Monthly
  • Average Monthly Payment: $424 (11% of Income)
  • Ideal Car Payment: $309 to $386 (8%-10% of Income)

Consumer Credit in Fayetteville

Subprime credit. It’s pretty pervasive in Fayetteville and across Georgia. The table below depicts the estimated number of Fayetteville residents at each level of the credit spectrum.

FICO Score % of Populace Consumers
300-499 2% 970
500-549 5% 2425
550-599 8% 3880
600-649 12% 5820
650-699 15% 7275
700-749 18% 8731
750-799 27% 13096
800-850 13% 6305

Your FICO score will have a significant impact on your annual percentage rate, but if you have the income, we can usually find someone to finance you, even when you have below-average credit.