Auto Loans in Dalton (GA)

Here at Georgia Auto Finance, we’ve streamlined the approval process. We have an industry-leading network of lenders and dealers who offer online approvals. Simply submit your application, and we’ll start working to get you approved from a dealer or lender that suits your needs.

What About Subprime Credit?

Subprime financing is one of our specialties. We have lenders who help people with low credit scores, and they are hoping to approve you to finance the vehicle you want. Generally, lenders require borrowers with bad credit to have an income of at least $1500 per month. Fortunately, applicants get approved right away. And, as you may know, a paid-as-agreed car loan is a good way to increase your credit rating. So let us find you a dealer who funds loans for people in Dalton with subprime credit – online!

Credit Rating and Loan Size

The chart below depicts how much you can borrow, given a monthly income of $1,608, the average in Dalton. These numbers are simply estimations. You may qualify for more or less, depending on other factors. Talk to an auto finance specialist for additional information.

Credit Income Factor Amount
Good Credit 10 $16,080
Fair Credit 9 $14,472
Temporary Bad Credit 8 $12,864
Poor Credit 7 $11,256
Terrible Credit 6 $9,648

Just because it’s possible to borrow this amount, doesn’t mean you ought to. A smaller loan is highly recommended, because it will be less of a budgetary burden.

Zero Down Payment Deals?

Good credit? If so, you probably won’t need to concern yourself with a down payment. But if your credit is less than perfect, your dealer may want you to supply a down payment. After all, such loans are much more of a risk for the finance company. Non-payment is more likely, and a down payment makes sure that at least a percentage of the vehicle has already been paid for in advance. That said, there are dealers that offer car loans for people with no money down.

Car Loans in Dalton for First-Time Buyers

Getting a car financed can be tough for students and people buying their first car, simply because they haven’t established much of a a credit history. There are two options in this situation.

  • Income: $18,000 annually is necessary. Full-time employment is preferred.
  • Cosigner: if you don’t have enough income, or you’d like the lowest interest rate, a cosigner could be your only option.

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers in Dalton

If you are thinking about working with one of the buy here pay here dealers in Dalton, on account of bankruptcy or repossession, keep in mind that they will most likely require you to provide a sizeable down payment. These dealers finance people whose credit has been declined by traditional banks. They specialize in helping people with issues like open bankruptcy or repossession on their records. We recommend that you avoid these kinds of dealers and opt for a bad credit auto loan online. Apply today – it takes less than 3 minutes.

Credit and Income: Dalton

Dealers and lending companies are concerned with more than just your credit rating. Loan companies check your income, employment history, and credit history.

Listed here are average statistics for Dalton residents.

  • Average Income: $1,608 Per Month
  • Average Monthly Payment: $177 (11% of Income)
  • Recommended Car Payment: $129 to $161 (8%-10% of Income)

Dalton’s Credit Spectrum

If you have a low credit score, you aren’t the only one. This chart shows the estimated number of Dalton residents at each credit level.

Credit Score % of Populace Drivers
300-499 2% 1303
500-549 5% 3256
550-599 8% 5210
600-649 12% 7815
650-699 15% 9769
700-749 18% 11723
750-799 27% 17584
800-850 13% 8466