Our Process: Step by Step

Check out how our process works.

  • Submit Your Application. Our application requires less information than our competitors', and you will be given an account in our approval center. Our system accounts for where you live, as well as your income and credit score. There isn't a minimum FICO score required, as we have lenders who work with every credit tier.
  • Contact Your Georgia Vehicle Finance Professional. Your lender will contact you directly, in order to finalize your loan. They will direct you through the rest of the process, and discuss particulars as far as interest rates and terms. You might need to provide some additional documentation to finalize your approval.
  • Search for a Vehicle from a Dealer in Your Zip Code. Now that you're approved, you can select your vehicle from a dealer in the area. Pre-approved financing will help simplify the process of buying your vehicle, and possibly improve your bargaining power with your dealer.

The Advantages of Pre-Approved Loans

Why would you apply for financing in person, when you can get approved beforehand? You won't have to stress about your interest rate or conditions, just the vehicle you want. It also saves you a great deal of time, because you won't have to spend half the day in the F&I (Finance & Insurance) office.

All things considered, it makes for a much improved buying experience throughout.

Georgia Auto Finance Rates

A significant percentage of any monthly payment will be interest. For that reason, lower rates will result in lower payments. Your actual rate will depend on a wide range of factors, but we have provided the following averages based on our industry experience.

FICO Used Vehicle APR New Vehicle APR
720-850 3.7% 3.31%
690-719 5.22% 4.66%
660-689 7.24% 6.49%

Do You Meet These Criteria?

  • $1500 Monthly Income
  • No Repossessions in Past 12 Months
  • Georgia Resident, 18 Years or Older

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Credit Tiers We Serve:

Tier 1 (A+): (720+)
Tier 2 (A): (700-719)
Tier 3 (B): (670-699)
Tier 4 (C): (630-669)
Tier 5 (D): (590-619)
Tier 6 (F): (500-589)

Credit Problems?

Our service is ideally-suited for people with credit scores of 620 or lower. That's because we take the legwork out of getting approved. Our platform will match you with a dealer or lender who serves applicants in your credit tier.

Affiliated Partners

Live in a state that borders Georgia? We can help. We are affiliated with service providers across the southeast.